Ip Man (2008)


Ip Man – Wilson Yip

Yip Man (original title)

Summary:  In South China, Foshan is a prosperous town known for its martial arts.  It’s 1935 and there are numerous kung fu schools from where the town gets much of its reputation, yet a local townsman named Ip Man (Donnie Yen) who does not run his own school, or teach his art to anyone, is considered to be the undisputed fighter above all else.  Many plea to be his student and teach them the Wing Chun focus of Kung Fu and although he always refuses, he is still highly respected.  However, Foshan soon changes for the worse when World War II erupts and the Japanese invade and occupy the town, killing many of its inhabitants.

My Review:  Well I never thought I’d enjoy a kung fu movie as much as I did this one – and it’s based on a true story too!  Although it’s likely much of the story has been dramatised for more effect, it still made me look up Fo Shan and who Ip Man was after the credits rolled – he was Bruce Lee’s martial arts trainer by the way, so kind of a big deal!  I did travel in China for 2 months in 2013 and sadly missed out on this little town with so much heritage.  Regardless of that, on face value this is a great lightly cheesy kung fu flick, with some feeling to boot!

My Rating: 2/5

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