The Hunter (2010)


The Hunter – Rafi Pitts

Summary:  Ali Alavi (Rafi Pitts) is refused his request to change his working hours since serving time in jail.  In a repressed Tehran ran by a strict regime, all he yearns for is to spend more time with his girlfriend and their daughter.  So he compromises and drives his daughter to school right after his night shift, which becomes one of the only, precious times he gets to see her.  One day his girlfriend and daughter do not return home and he discovers, after many frustrating hours waiting at a police station, they may have been killed through crossfire, between the police and insurgents.

My Review:  No doubt a moody watch not recommended for everyone.  For me at least the sense of mood and emotion was masterly crafted in sequences showing such little words, continuing to build and burn.  I struggle with his ‘act of vengeance’ – if you can actually call it that, I thought it was more a result of being desparately lost and depraved, not only from his painful situation, but everything that’s lead to it, like; his job, his regret, frustration and the backdrop of Iran’s current climate.  Not one to sit and watch with friends, but yet another slice of real stunning, but sobering Iranian cinema.

My Rating: 2/5

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