The Mirror (1975)

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The Mirror – Andrei Tarkovsky

Zerkalo (original title)

Summary:  A dying man remembers his past as a child pre-war, his relationship with his mother (Margarita Terekhova) and her relationship with his withdrawn father.  He goes onto remember other memories from his life during the war and post-war, his own relationship with the mother to his child before they divorced, conversations they had after, as well as imagined memories his mother and son experienced.  Then there are glimpses of the present, lightly spliced amongst them.

My Review: Albeit a very short and vague summary, The Mirror is exactly this; a film that travels through one man’s memories, apparently semi auto-biographical to its director Andrei Tarkovsky.  It is mostly melancholic and confusing at times, especially as the same actress plays both the mother and wife of narrator, with a dream-like pace and voice-overs reading poetry it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Although I may not remember it solely for the narrative, I will for the cinematography, much like I have other Andrei Tarkovsky films I’ve seen and admired (Ivan’s Childhood, Solaris.)  Dreamy shots, captured either in colour, sepia or black and white, adding to the tone to that particular memory, sometimes pinching more in colour when certain words are spoken, much like our own memories and dreams distort or intensifies.  Tarkovsky has created a film that will familiarise you with the subconscious experience, enjoyable when you’re in one of those spaced-out film-viewing moods.

My Rating: 2/5

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