Sin Nombre (2009)

sin nombre 2009

Sin Nombre – Cary Jôji Fukunaga

Summary:  A Honduran family make the long and dangerous journey to the United States, in hopes of entering as illegal immigrants for a better life.  By jumping trains heading towards Mexico to near the border, they run and hide from officials at every turn by either stowing away in the compartments of the train or riding on top of it.  The teenage girl Sayra (Paulina Gaitan) knows the risk she’s taking, not only that she might not make it past the border but the risk of also losing her life; yet she understands the prospect of living with her relatives in New Jersey would provide better opportunities in life than if she were to stay in Honduras.  Her path is unexpectedly crossed with El Casper (Edgar Flores), who with two other gang members boards the same train.

My Review:  Whilst on the surface Sin Nombre, meaning ‘nameless’ in Spanish, may appear to tell the story of an immigrant’s journey into America, it actually delves a bit deeper than that.  What we think we may already know about how the network of gangs in South and Central America is further revealed and it shines a light on how deeply ingrained it is and what people it has an effect on, not only those who are the gang members themselves.  I don’t usually hear of gangs and immigration entwined in the same story, but then being British and being exposed to a targeted news agenda relevant to my location does result in me sometimes forgetting the every day immigration stories happening outside of Europe.  Taking in these realistic experiences shows just how serious this current global problem is for millions living across the world and perhaps if you don’t realise already, this film could show you just how human these people are.  A film for Donald Trump to sit down and watch for sure.

My Rating: 2/5

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