Let the Right One In (2008)


Let the Right One In – Tomas Alfredson

Låt den rätte komma in (original title)

Summary: In a quiet suburb in Stockholm a young boy Oskar is regularly bullied by his own friends at school.  A lonely soul, his parents have separated with his father, whom he rarely sees, lodging out in the Swedish countryside and stays with his mother in a block of apartments outside the city.  With no friends to spend his time with, Oskar occupies himself with collecting newspaper articles detailing horrific murders that have taken place in his area, and practices knife attacks in a nearby playground after school.  This is when, one night, he spots a new neighbour moving into the apartment next to his – on first appearance a father and daughter, around his own age.  He soon meets and strikes up a friendship with the young girl Eli, but slowly realises a few of her unusual ways.

My Review:  An obvious setting for some; the ever-growing darkness of a silent Scandinavian winter, but for me, it’s perfect, and the most ideal for a story and indeed film such as this.  So enigmatic, yet quietly enchanting?  Perhaps the setting and the fact there’s a vampire in it are the only two forms to tie this up within the vampire genre; but saying it throws the norms of this particular class of horror on its head, just wouldn’t do it justice.  It feels more separate than that, yet simultaneously adds depth to its past comic stereotypes.  Bleak and beautiful, a really absorbing watch, which leaves you with some compelling questions.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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