Cinema Paradiso (1988)

cinema_paradiso_ Giuseppe_Tornatore

Cinema Paradiso – Giuseppe Tornatore

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (original title)

Summary:  A famous filmmaker Salvatore Di Vita recalls his childhood, which took place in a small village in Sicily, after World War II.  Struck by poverty, the village residents attended a cinema in the town square called Cinema Paradiso.  Most came to escape their grim realities by watching the stars of the silver screen, which included the young Salavatore, who was then a typical mischievous boy who loved cinema and soon befriended the cinema’s projectionist, Alfredo (Phillippe Noiret).  Alfredo inspires Salvatore’s love of film, but also mentors him in later life in understanding the sense of loss, love and loyalty.

My Review:  I can’t find anything to dislike about Cinema Paradiso.  A really charming Italian movie about a boy’s childhood and more importantly his deep and long-lasting friendship with the cinema’s projectionist Alfredo.  If the cynic within you right now is thinking PUKE then listen here!  I am too a cynic, I can’t watch musicals without getting a headache from cringing so much, let alone ever trying to bring myself to tears at the end of Titanic – but this film is quite lovely, you have to take my word for it.  Nothing heavy, it’s just an endearing story worth watching.

Rating:  3.5/5

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