Bad Education (2004)


Bad Education – Pedro Almodóvar

La Mala Educación (original title)

Summary:  Two childhood friends, Enrique and Ignacio, attended and grew up together in a Catholic boarding school.  Whilst forming their friendship and discovering movies, physical desire – what it is and how it will affect them – is also something the young boys stumble upon and perhaps struggle with.  After splitting ways, a few decades later Ignacio seeks to find Enrique, who has become a successful film director, in hopes he will accept his script and turn it into a new movie, with Ignacio cast as the main actor.  His script is based upon Enrique and Ignacio’s experiences in school, including those that the boys had suffered under one of the school’s Priests.  As the story unravels it is set to change the life of some characters, as others are not what they seem.

My review:  Totally not what I was expecting.  There’s quite a few moments of uncomfortable viewing in this film, without even mentioning seeing Gael García Bernal as a transvestite!  You will need to keep up with the story as there’s quite a few interwoven with one another, which is sometimes hard to follow.  Selecting themes for this movie was difficult as the film just seems to tell a story of the two boys and what happened when they met again in the future.  However, film critics might (and have) said it reflects the Catholic schooling system, which director Pedro Almodóvar was a student of, or the film perhaps portrays the sexual restraints pressed upon Catholics.  I think the film creates this confusion as to what it’s meaning is, maybe to mimic the feelings of it’s directors about his own personal experiences with the subjects questioned.  I don’t know, but it’s definitely a weird one.

Rating:  1/5

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