All About My Mother (1999)


All About My Mother (1999) – Pedro Almodóvar

Todo sobre mi madre (original title)

Summary:  Manuela (Cecilia Roth), a hard-working single mum, takes her son, Esteban, to a play on his 17th birthday.  He aspires to be a great writer but is tragically run down and killed after running after an actress to get her autograph after the play.  Manuela, distressed and shaken after losing her son, travels to Barcelona to find Lola, the transvestite father of Esteban and whose identity she always hid from the boy.  The search proves difficult but she soon bumps into an old friend, Agrado (Marisa Paredes), and strikes up another accomplice in a pregnant nun named Rosa (Penélope Cruz).

My Review:  Another written and directed Pedro Almodóvar drama which twist and turns through a truly shocking plot.  I don’t mean this in a good way.  Like I wrote in my Bad Education review, admittedly the only other Almodóvar film I’ve seen, the story is quite difficult to follow as it joins and links many characters, some of which have the same name creating more confusion!  The common theme is also drug-addicted, AIDS positive transvestites, seriously what is it about Almodóvar and these?  I know Almodóvar is praised a lot for what he does but I just don’t get it.  

Rating: 1/5

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