La Vie En Rose (2007)


La Vie en Rose – Olivier Dahan

La môme (original title)

Summary:  The real life story of French singer Edith Piaf, since her rocky childhood shuffled between her mother, an alcoholic street singer, her grandmother, a madam of a brothel and then to her father, a circus performer.  Overcoming blindness she eventually ends up on the streets of Paris as a street singer like her mother.  For a while this earns her and a friend enough money for dinner, but gets spotted by a club owner who takes her under his wing, naming her ‘Piaf’ – a colloquialism for Sparrow.  Fame and fortune soon follows and the tragic love and heartaches that comes with it.  Edith becomes the artist she always told people she’d someday be and doesn’t live life by half measures, which will soon become the end of her.

My Review:  I absolutely adored this movie.  I knew very little of Edith Piaf before watching it but actress Marion Cotillard was outstanding throughout.   There’s many biographical films that tell how the grassroots singer rises from the ashes to become famous; to then only burn out by their own self-destruction – but this is the first I’ve seen outside of the 60’s decade and Rock genre – which is so refreshing!  (And possibly the first chronicle I’ve seen of a female singer).  The back and forth sequences of Edith’s infatuating life drives an exciting pace and makes it less predictable.  Captured beautifully, I really couldn’t recommend this film enough!

Rating:  5/5

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