Should I include Studio Ghibli?


Please excuse my absence of late! I will be back on form soon, especially as I don’t want to break my new years resolution of posting regular post on all of my blogs (and I should be getting my lovefilm subscription back.)

As you’ve already noticed, this post doesn’t resemble a summary and review of a world cinema film at all – this is because I want to propose a question to you regarding Studio Ghibli.  Oh yes.

The question is, should I include Studio Ghibli films on this blog?

I’ve been between decisions on this one. My reasons for including these fantastic and compelling set of Japanese animation flicks is because, well they’re fantastic and compelling Japanese animation flicks.

My reasons against is when originally starting this blog I wanted to talk about films which usually miss the western radar. I feel Studio Ghibli actually receives quite a lot of attention over this side of the world already and so is, perhaps, mainstream?  (Thanks to Disney.)

I’m letting you guys decide…

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