Battle Royale (2000)


Battle Royale – Kinji Fukasaku

Batoru rowaiaru (original title)

Summary:  With unemployment continually running high and a torn apart economy, the Japanese government pass the revolutionary Battle Royale Act; legalising one randomly selected class of schoolchildren to be sent to an island, equipping each student with only a few supplies and a weapon, to kill each other until only one student remains.  Given three days to compete, there is no escape from the compulsory collars wired with explosives that’ll detonate if more than one are left alive at the end.  The winner is awarded with the prize of their own life.

My Review:  Oh, another gory Japanese film I hear you say, but this one isn’t gore for gore’s sake (I’m looking at you Ichi the Killer.)  Battle Royale was one of the first Japanese films I’ve ever watched and I was absolutely engrossed.  Tipped by many critics for its greater, deeper meaning about modern Japan, relationships between each generation and our growing immunity to violence, I didn’t really get any of that at the time; the narrative alone had me gripped.

My Rating: 3/5

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