Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

Yves Saint Laurent film_2014

Yves Saint Laurent – Jalil Lespert

Summary:  Partner in both business and love, Pierre Berge looks through his life with pioneering fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.  From his beginnings of growing up in Algeria with his family before he knew him, to the the start of his stunningly successful fashion career taking over from Christian Dior, before establishing his own brand.  Spanning through the years of their dynamic business partnership and the heavy struggles of their personal relationship, pulled under the pressure of Yves’ dependency to alcohol, drugs and many other dark times, the film gives a personal insight of the man, his inventiveness and his wondrous but at times troubled life.

My Review:  Yves Saint Laurent, a man who didn’t just simply dress women but empowered them.  Some reviews say his life simply wasn’t enough for this biopic, others claim it falls flat and boring.  I agree with neither; believing it doesn’t deserve quite as much criticism it received.  I knew of Yves himself (played by Pierre Niney), but little or near nothing of Pierre (Guillaume Gallienne) before watching it.  The narration, read as if from a letter by Pierre to Yves, has a both personal and touching delivery as we see who the man Yves was through his lover’s eyes, whilst learning about them both.  This may take away its French feel for some, but added authenticity for me of how they were together and separately.  It may help to know some of the fashion label’s background and achievements before watching to fully understand the introduction (and departures) of some characters, but it’s not all that necessary.  Yves Saint Laurent isn’t trying to be the biopic of Yves Saint Laurent, yet a string of memories from his partner who stayed with him up until his dying days.  Insightful and intimate and still an admirable ode to the man and his work.

My Rating: 3/5

Can you recommend me a better French film?  Give it your best shot in the comments below!

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