Amélie (2001)


Amélie – Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (original title)

Summary: Amélie Poulain lived a sheltered childhood, impeding her social skills but growing her imagination.  Now an adult, her wild and wondrous fantasies never left her with the only change being that she’s moved to Paris and works as a waitress.  One day she finds a hidden box hidden secretly away behind a wall in her apartment.  She sets out to return the box and what it contains to its owner, beginning her investigations by questioning other residents living in the apartment building.  In her search she vows to help the people in her life too, those she knows already and those she’s only just started to know.  Yet, in her selfless acts of justice she discovers her own quest to find happiness in life, in love.

My Review:  If Jean-Luc’s Godard’s Breathless showed the side of Paris that is so chic and cool, then Amélie definitely shows us all its kinks and oddities.  From the same director of The City of Lost Children, the French capital looks as though it’s been transported to another place, another time or another planet!  With the level of kitsch at its brightest, it makes me wonder if the film would be the same without all its gaudiness.  But then, it’s the charm of the story that delights.

My Rating: 2.5/5

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