A Town Called Panic (2009)


A Town Called Panic – Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar

Panique au village (original title)

Summary:  Cowboy and Indian decide to make a homemade brick barbeque for their friend Horse’s birthday.  However, they make a numerical error when ordering the bricks and when a billion arrive they hide them away on top of Horse’s house.  The surprise party they’ve also organised is in full swing and when Horse finally plucks up the courage to dance with Madam Longrée, a lady horse he harbours his love for, the bricks come crashing down to destroy the house, along with Cowboy’s and Indian’s humble abodes too.  Panic stricken, this has a domino effect on our characters; as they try to rebuild walls mysterious occurrences hinder it, pulling them into nearby town, villages and worlds they’ve never encountered before.

My Review:  There may be a common theme of quirkiness with some of the films I’ve recently decorated with 5/5 ratings (Kooky, Holy Motors), nonetheless they are the ones I’ve most enjoyed watching!  A Town Called Panic is absolutely superb and can be watched by all ages, especially if you’re a fan of the absurd and crazy.  A great pace with fun stock animation (something I’m always a fan of) characters and settings. Originally a TV series distributed by Aardman Animations (who brought us Wallace & Gromit), I am so enthusiastic to see more!  Guaranteed to make you giggle.

My Rating: 5/5

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